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The peregrini were Celtic Christians who abandoned themselves to the will of God.


They were wanderers, but as Tolkien said, “Not all who wander are lost.” These intrepid men and women went wherever God would direct. They viewed themselves as outcasts, banished from normal society, casting themselves fully upon God.

In some cases, this trust led them to do things that would seem foolhardy to us today. Some of them would climb into small boats, called coracles, and set themselves adrift in the sea with no sails. They trusted that God, the Lord of land and sea, would direct the winds and currents to take them wherever He saw fit. And so He did. God used these adventurous saints to spread the Gospel all over northern Europe for His glory.

We have named our small press publisher after them. At Peregrini Press, we seek to follow their example. In 2015 we launched out in faith, and created Awen Collaborative, with a goal of following the Holy Spirit’s direction in to be a blessing in all things. Peregrini Press, our small publishing coracle, has been blown here and there over the last 3 years. 2018 has been our most ambitious year yet, and we consider ourselves blessed to be a blessing. We can only hope and trust that God is using our efforts for His glory.

We are currently working with several authors on different projects.

Most of our current titles fall into two book series:

  1. The Field Notes Series – Drawing on the wisdom of Christian pilgrims around the world to encourage one another in cross cultural work. So far includes Forged on the Field (2015) and Voices from the Field (2018).

  2. The Our Stories Series – A series of books sharing authentic stories of honest Christian pilgrims. So far this includes Far from Cold (2016), Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool: 5 Years Down the Road and Still Thirsty (2016), and Blue is the Color (2018).


In addition to these two series, we work with our authors to develop projects we believe will be a blessing. Currently this includes two titles from T.J. MacLeslie: The Advent of Relationship (2017) and Designed for Relationship: 5th Anniversary Edition (2018)


We are very open to considering submissions from people who believe we might be the right publisher for them. Please use our contact page to connect with us for consideration. We always seek to be a blessing to everyone.

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