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Always Love: The Timeless Story of God’s Heart for the World and What it Means for You

If you've ever desired to more deeply connect with the Bible, or the God of the Bible, this book is for you!


Sometimes we forget that the Bible is actually one cohesive Story. Instead, we use it as a manual for morality, view it as a string of disconnected stories, or consult it as a compilation of theological doctrines. But in Always Love, you’ll rediscover the Bible’s overarching narrative as themes are woven together revealing a seamless story from beginning to end. After following these themes through each major twist and turn, through difficult passages normally glossed over, through narrative, poetry, and ancient history, you won’t read the Bible the same way again! And more than that, you’ll be inspired to respond to God’s Always Love for you and find your place in His Story.


"Always Love is accessible, engaging, illuminating. Sara takes the reader on a captivating journey through the Bible by employing a beautiful combination of creative prose and theological wisdom. And, whether you are new to the Scriptures or very familiar with them, a single chapter has the power to transform you."

Jason Thomas - Executive Vice President, InterVarsity.

The Field Notes Series

Drawing on the wisdom of Christian pilgrims around the world to encourage one another in cross cultural work.

Forged on the Field: Letters from Global Mission Leaders: 1

Forged on the Field contains more than 70 letters from global mission leaders. These are not letters from ivory tower mission theorists, but from front-line mission teams today. This one-of-a-kind book draws together the collective wisdom of an international community of cross-cultural mission leaders—men, women, some relatively new, many well-seasoned. All seeking to serve their teams and love others as they embrace their stewardship of leadership.

Voices from the Field: Conversations with Our Global Family

Voices from the Field presents a unique opportunity to encounter real people and hear authentic Christian perspectives from around the world.The world has never seemed closer. We feel we can watch history unfold before our very eyes on our constantly connected devices.


We have access to more information than ever before, but this flood of data has not produced genuine connection nor understanding. Genuine conversations require safe places for us and to share and humility to listen.


The contributors to this volume have felt safe to share and you are invited to listen to voices from around the world. Voices that confront our practices and prejudices while inviting our partnership. To engage in missions today is to embrace the task of life-long learning.


This book is a rich resource for those who would join in the global task of building God’s Kingdom, presenting not just more information but new lenses through which to see ourselves and our shared world.


The Our Stories Series

A series of books sharing authentic stories of honest Christian pilgrims.

Far From Cold

This is the extraordinary story of God using ordinary people. Follow Mark and Gillian Newham as they leave Britain for Outer Mongolia, sharing God and discovering ever more of Him along the way.

Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool: 5 Years Down the Road and Still Thirsty

What are you thirsty for? T.J. MacLeslie wrestles with this question in this revised and expanded edition of his spiritual autobiography. We find TJ 5 years further on his journey from childhood faith through the wilderness and back again.


Having been abused in the church, MacLeslie turned his back on God and looked for fulfillment in many places. His search led him to drink from many wells along the way, none of which quenched his thirst. All the while he was being pursued by One who loved him unconditionally.


Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool is a book for those who thirst, those longing for more. It is a reminder of our deepest desires and the Spring where they can be satisfied. It is for those who are in need of hope. Finally, it is for those caught in the dangerous pattern of doing things for God and who may have forgotten their first call: to love God.


This new edition contains the entire previous edition (revised) as well as four entirely new chapters plus a new appendix.

Blue is the Color: And Other Stories of Uncommon Grace

This delightful collection of short stories is a celebration of God’s activity in the realm of human relationships and the physical world. Exploring everyday themes, it opens the door to a very different world and through a unique lens offers insight into the grace with which we are surrounded.

This unique and touching collection contains 29 engaging stories with 18 beautifully hand drawn illustrations depicting life among the Tarahumara. Come to the mountains of Mexico, read the stories that shaped many lives and learn to see your own world with fresh perspective.

"Honest, insightful and achingly tender, Childs’ descriptive language is nothing short of stunning. Her stories are 'pools of grace' through which we catch a glimpse of the God who is everywhere-present. These are pages to read, to savor and to read again."
Rebecca Biegert Conti, M.A. Theology, Regent College
Author, Crooked Tree: A Memoir of Faith.


The Advent of Relationship

The Advent of Relationship is a daily devotional from TJ MacLeslie, the author of Designed for Relationship and Pursuit of a Thirsty Fool. These 25 short daily devotions will help you to prepare to celebrate Christmas and draw you closer to Christ as you reflect on the miracle of Christmas.

Designed for Relationship: 5th Anniversary Edition

In the 5 years since this book was originally published, it has touched lives around the world. God is drawing people to Himself and inviting us to love Him with all we are. Do you long for more? Jesus came to give us abundant life, but for many this vision remains tantalizingly out of reach. But there is hope.


In the midst of our hectic lives, the infinite God of the universe invites us into a real relationship with Him - one that goes far beyond mere religious activity. But what does that look like? Where do we begin?


First published 5 years ago, Designed for Relationship presented a brand new way to approach God holistically. This new, revised and expanded edition has even more practical resources to help you, and those to whom you minister, discover new avenues toward intimacy with God. Come, experience more of Him. We were created to love God with all we are. We were designed for relationship.

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